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 HAKATA Lightup walk 2014
We will participate this year than in Hakata Light up Walk of Fukuoka event.

  • HAKATA Lightup walk 2014
  • Fukuoka 20.11 - 24.11.2014

  • support: Hakata city office,
  • supervisor : Miki Matsushita (Lighting designer)
  • URL:

Please enjoy the pleasant autumn night.
 SD.Hess Outdoor Showroom - Renewal Open!
We are proud to announce our renewal completion of the outdoor showroom this upcoming July. We would like to show our appreciation to those who have given us constant support and gladly welcome you to our outdoor showroom. We are looking forward to having you with us!
 Thank You for Visiting us at Tokyo Lighting Fair 2013!
We appreciate you for visiting our booth of SD.Hess and Shingo Denzai’s booth at Tokyo Lighting Fair 2013. SD.Hess selected the products for this exhibition based on the 3 concepts: ‘Eco,’ ‘Security,’ and ‘Disaster prevention.’ In particular, the versatile poles with LED roadway lighting and LED traffic lights attached, which were highly eye-catching among all our products, were presented at our stand. Along with the newer and existing products, SD.Hess presented new technical innovation, such as a dimming system with DALI control, and NET LED via Cloud, which were also introduced to the customers. We will be committed to more wide range of new product development launching on the market.
 News ‘Asia-Pacific Conference’ Sponsored by Hess AG
We participate in the Asia-Pacific conference held in Singapore in October of 2011 with 15 different countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Dubai, Australia, Thailand, etc.), and exchanged opinions regarding the respective sales expansion and strategies. In the future, Hess AG would be not limited to Germany and other European regions, but Asian regions to proceed business development for globalization. It was a successful event to expand the networking in Asia.
 Kobe-city, Hyogo ‘Flower Road’
In May of 2013, one of our products was delivered to Flower Road, located in the heart of Kobe-city. They were installed approx.250m from the intersection in front of the International Hall up to the intersection in front of the First City Hall. Our products were successful to create a full of lighting entertainment as ‘Light museum’, effecting not only the surface of the road, but shining the side trees, which provide the authentic space.
POSITANO is installed in front of the flower clock, which offers a friendly environment for the pedestrians on the street.
  • [Location] Kobe-city, Hyogo ‘Flower Road’
  • [Installed Date] 5/2013
  • [Product] LINEA for 23pieces and POSITANO for 2pieces
 Renovation of City Parks in Minamata-city, Kumamoto
In March of 2013, 15 pieces of our product, OSLO, were installed in 4 different parks in Kumamoto. MODUL 360, which provides a precise light distribution, is lined up in the hot spring street, is naturally blended in the landscape to give the feeling of safety to the visitors.
  • [Location] Minatamata-city, Kumamoto
  • [Installed Date] 3/2013
  • [Product] OSLO for 15pieces
 Redevelopment of Tenjin Kego Park, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka
On December 1st, 20 pieces of our product, CAMPONE, were installed in Kego park, located in the center of Fukuoka-city. The simple and elegantly shaped luminaires entertain the landscape in Kego park.
    • [Location] Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka ‘Kego Park’
    • [Installed Date] 3/2013
    • [Product] 12/2012